In Turismo Internacional Colombia S.A.S. - TURINCO - we are committed to the efficient provision of quality tourism services to satisfy our customers, their requirements and expectations by fulfilling professional and personalized attention to achieve their trust and loyalty.
TURINCO, as established by the concept of "Sustainable Tourism", is committed to raising awareness among employees and customers in order to generate awareness and a sense of environmental, cultural and economic responsibility. It also undertakes to promote compliance with legal regulations against exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents; with the commitment of occupational risk management through the SG-SST, orienting its programs to the promotion of the preventive culture and self-care complying with the applicable legal requirements, linking all its collaborators and allocating the necessary human, physical and financial resources to advance the management systems within the organization.

Achieve the satisfaction of our customers with the fulfillment of the services offered.
Periodically review the goals and results of the company to identify weaknesses and apply corrective measures within a process of continuous improvement.
Ensure the quality of services through the evaluation and ongoing monitoring of our suppliers.
Provide training to their employees in products and work with tools that allow them to achieve their professionalism. Also, train them in occupational health and safety issues in accordance with the identified dangers, in environmental, sociocultural and economic issues that promote the reduction of the negative impacts produced by the activities they carry out.
Sensitize all agency staff about the rational use of energy and water resources to contribute to their conservation and optimization.
Disseminate information to its clients about conservation and protection of the environment; natural, cultural resources and on the good behavior that they must keep during their trips.
Reject and denounce all acts of exploitation, violence and sexual commercialization of minors.
Identify the dangers and risks inherent to the activities developed in order to implement corrective actions.
Establish controls to prevent the causes of accidents and occupational diseases, ensuring continuous improvement of safety conditions and the welfare of workers.
Protect facilities, equipment and other work tools to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.