In Turismo Internacional Colombia S.A.S. - TURINCO - we are committed to the efficient provision of quality tourism services to satisfy our customers, their requirements and expectations by fulfilling professional and personalized attention to achieve their trust and loyalty.
TURINCO, as established by the concept of "Sustainable Tourism", is committed to raising awareness among employees and customers in order to generate awareness and a sense of environmental, cultural and economic responsibility. It also undertakes to promote compliance with legal regulations against exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents; with the commitment of occupational risk management through the SG-SST, orienting its programs to the promotion of the preventive culture and self-care complying with the applicable legal requirements, linking all its collaborators and allocating the necessary human, physical and financial resources to advance the management systems within the organization.

  • Achieve the satisfaction of our customers with the fulfillment of the services offered.
  • Periodically review the goals and results of the company to identify weaknesses and apply corrective measures within a process of continuous improvement.
  • Ensure the quality of services through the evaluation and ongoing monitoring of our suppliers.
  • Provide training to their employees in products and work with tools that allow them to achieve their professionalism. Also, train them in occupational health and safety issues in accordance with the identified dangers, in environmental, sociocultural and economic issues that promote the reduction of the negative impacts produced by the activities they carry out.
  • Sensitize all agency staff about the rational use of energy and water resources to contribute to their conservation and optimization.
  • Disseminate information to its clients about conservation and protection of the environment; natural, cultural resources and on the good behavior that they must keep during their trips.
  • Reject and denounce all acts of exploitation, violence and sexual commercialization of minors.
  • Identify the dangers and risks inherent to the activities developed in order to implement corrective actions.
  • Establish controls to prevent the causes of accidents and occupational diseases, ensuring continuous improvement of safety conditions and the welfare of workers.
  • Protect facilities, equipment and other work tools to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

In order to counter exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents, TURISMO INTERNACIONAL COLOMBIA S.A.S. – TURINCO in compliance with Act 679 of 2001, Law 1336, 2009 and resolution 3840 of 2009, we are committed to the following legal obligations:

1.Refrain from offering programs in tourism promotion and tourism plans, express or surreptitiously plan sexual exploitation of children.
2.Adopt measures in order to prevent that TURISMO INTERNACIONAL COLOMBIA S.A.S.´ s workers or intermediaries, offer tourist services including sexual contact with minors.
3.Protect children from all forms of foreign exploitation and sexual violence arising from domestic or foreign tourists age or national.
4.Incorporate our tourism advertising, information on the legal consequences of exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents.
5.Refrain from giving information to tourists, directly or through their employees about places where you coordinate or where sexual services to minors.
6.Refrain from driving tourists to establishments or places where prostitution is practiced minors.
7.Refrain from driving the children, directly or through employees, to the places where tourists are staying, even if it is located in offshore locations, for prostitution of minors
8.Refrain from using vehicles on lease or tourist routes for prostitution or bars, similar businesses and other tourism establishments for prostitution or sexual abuse of minors
9.Reject the child labor.
10.Reject discrimination of race or gender.
11.Communicate promptly to the local police and / or authorities, cases of child sex trade are detected with suppliers.
12.We ask the customers, suppliers, partners and other agencies to reject participation in the sexual exploitation of children and to report all cases of sexual exploitation of children known to them.
13.Report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Attorney General's Office, the ICBF, and other relevant agencies, the facts relating to the sexual exploitation of minors. We are also committed to implementing monitoring mechanisms, preventive and corrective measures to prevent exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents (Application exit permit minors traveling without their parents, etc.). Whoever commits exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents shall be punished by deprivation of liberty and pecuniary sanctions and administrative measures by the competent authorities.

  • Exploitation, pornography and other forms of sexual abuse of children, contributing to compliance with Law 679 of 2001, Law 1329 and Law 1336 of 2009.
  • The illegal traffic of flora and fauna according to Law 17 of 1981, Law 1333 of 2009 and Resolution 0584 of 2002
  • Illegal traffic in cultural property in accordance with Law 63 of 1986 and Law 1185 of 2008.
  • All types of acts of discrimination against persons, as stipulated in Law 1752 of 3015.

TURINCO invites you to contribute to the planet by adopting the following behaviors:

  • Save energy
  • Save and care the water
  • Re-use paper
  • Recycle
  • Use alternative transportation
  • Produce less waste
  • Take care of nature
  • Do not traffic species, flora or cultural objects
  • Contribute to care the children and report any acts of sexual, commercial violence or exploitation of this.
  • Perform friendly actions with the planet

UNESCO Campaign Campaings led by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Sanar Foundation Campaign Campaigns led by ANDI

Support with household mothers with groceries.

  • Do not feed, touch and / or take photographs using flash to the animals they find in the different tourist scenarios.
  • Defend the natural and cultural environment of the destination. We invite you to protect the flora and fauna, do not take off plants or flowers, and do not buy products made from plants or animals in danger.
  • When buying gifts and souvenirs look for products that are an expression of the local culture. A good option is crafts and products made by indigenous or vulnerable communities.
  • Turn off the AC and lights while you’re not in the room
  • Avoid using clothes irons, dryers, and hair irons. In this way you’ll help to reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Do not leave rubbish in the sites visited; deposit it in the right place.
  • Always try to buy and consume foods that use recyclable wrappings.
  • Respect and care for water sources, do not contaminate Confirm with your adviser, guide or instructor at destination, if you can practice scuba diving or snorkelling. Take care of corals; do not touch or stand on them, you may get hurt; Use the equipment and safety regulations to develop this activity.
  • When going to nature parks, reserves or exotic places look for the company of an authorized guide and follow the rules of the place.
  • If on your trip you are going to camp, make sure that in the chosen place this activity is allowed and stable.
  • If in the place visited there is a transit of animals or flora trails, pass carefully, following the demarcations or instructions.
  • Enjoy knowing the culture, customs, cuisine and traditions of local populations. Respect them and approach them.
  • Do not use aerosols and other contaminants.